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Meet Our Lead Pastor Daryl Bell


Lead Pastor Daryl Bell is moving in an Apostolic call to encourage and train All Nations of people to operate in their 5-Fold-Ministry gifts and callings.  He has heard the voice of the Lord as it relates to Kingdom mandate instructing those he leads to know and operate in their citizenship rights in every day life.  Lead Pastor Daryl also empowers all nations of people to know their position in community ministry, in order to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ the believer must be in position outside the four walls of the church.

After being born into one denomination/reformation and holding state leadership roles with the elders council, music and youth departments, Lead Pastor Daryl obeyed the leading of the Holy Ghost, and with the governing board, founded All Nations Church of New Mexico.  He believes this is the season the body of Christ MUST focus on Kingdom principles and ensures the Lord Jesus is edified, above all else, in the earth. 

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